Workforce Interventions

Athoz Thought Care provides comprehensive support through a variety of resources to assist partner organizations with moving forward on a course of success. Our services are designed to improve the production and well–being of employees, support managers with employee related concerns, and assist with organizational change and transition.
Athoz Thought Care provides essential workplace counselling and consultation solutions to meet the needs of businesses, organizations and employees through its Corporate Services division.
Many of our workplace interventions focus on pro-active and / or preventative measures to help employees feel better prepared for specific mental health issues and pressurized situations. Our focus in all of these sessions is to enhance the levels of employee well-being and aim to change behaviors for the better.
Our team has many years of experience in the design, production and delivery of tailored and off-the-shelf training courses. Examples of current courses include:

    • Employer and Manager EAP Awareness Session
    • Personal Well-Being Essentials (PWE)
    • Tailored Workplace Trainin

We also offer a wide range of services, from individual and group counselling, health & wellness programs, to Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), Critical Incident Responses and organizational development. We work strategically with businesses or organizations and employees to deliver support, education and training that will improve the resources and efficiencies in your workplace, whatever the demands.

At Athoz, we believe that healthy employers and employees are the key to business success. It is our goal to empower individuals and organizations to build a prosperous corporate community!