What we are?

About The Mind Research Foundation
The Mind Research Foundation (MRF) was formed with an aim to support scientific research and application of ‘Mind and Thought Based Interventions’ for enhancing the mental wellbeing of the community at large. The Foundation is committed towards filling the gap between Neuroscience, Psychology and Healthcare and is dedicated to research, discovery, application and advancement of clinical solutions for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a multitude of psychological and psychosomatic ailments. The vision of the foundation is to develop and apply scientific principles based on Neuroscience to reduce the instance of psychosomatic illnesses as well as others that may lead to Neuro Degenerative problems. Just as we understand that there are innate capacities of our bodies that can be trained to make us more resilient, flexible and stronger, we now know from neuroscience research that there is universal training we can experience that can cultivate and strengthen our mind’s capacity to deal with all kinds of strain and pressure. The goal of the foundation therefore is to increase societal awareness while helping scientists understand how the developing brain works in order to support cure of psychological and psychosomatic problems. The foundation is also highlighting the need to raise more support for research in the face of a diverse array of disorders.

The foundation abides to a single steering principle: The advancement of people’s wellbeing through the power of Thoughts & The Mind.