Our Passion

The Athoz Team feels passionately about the limitless potential of the brain; and has seen first-hand the positive impact of “thought centric” approach towards thought care interventions. Embarking on the journey of exploring neuroscience, positive psychology, mindful awareness training and it’s impact physically and emotionally on human beings, led the founder’s on a larger quest, that is “ to improve the overall state of well-being of people be it in personal or work settings”

It’s not surprising that our health suffers as a result of broken relationships, conflicts, grief and disappointments. And it shouldn’t be surprising that the healing we need often comes through talking problems out, one-on-one. Your relationships are important to us. The relationships we share with those around us – especially those with whom we live and work – are an integral part of our everyday health: mental, physical and spiritual.
Think about your Thoughts! They really Matter!

You need to know that many others have travelled the same journey and found new direction! You are not the only one! You are Not Alone!

We at the Athoz stand committed to make you feel empowered; to overcome life’s challenges by providing the highest level of professional expertise and human compassion for issues and concerns that arise in the course of your lives.
We will pick up the threads of your life’s journey…. Knit it together to build the bridge that will help you cross over to a better life! We will walk alongside you, coaching you each step of the way, for as long as it takes.
We will embrace you as you are in the moment without judging you and maintaining the highest level of integrity as we surge along with you! That is our duty and we give it the highest respect!
We will empower you by giving you tools for life!
At The Mind Research Foundation our Team of Psychotherapists are trained as both scientists in understanding human behavior and practitioners in creatively applying the knowledge to individual circumstances. We believe that quality psychotherapeutic treatment can lead to changes that are enriching and enduring, leading to lifelong patterns that encourage happiness and satisfying outcomes for our clients. The unifying principles that underlie our psychotherapy treatment are the importance of understanding the patterns that lead to distress and dysfunction, and understanding the important role that our emotions play in our thoughts and behaviours.