Mind Masters

Let your Child unleash the Magic of his/ her Mind

We don’t just give children “Life Skills”; but we give them Skills to “Live their Life”

This summer “Gift your child” the ability to Focus, use their minds to the fullest and better their learning skills.

Mind Masters* a Signature program by the Mind Research Foundation has been created using our amassed comprehension of the human brain in order to create an innovative, simple and structured intervention to foster happier and more resilient children. The objective behind the program is not just promoting better learning and well-being in children; but to “give children life tools that will remain with them forever.”

The workshop will help children to acquire vital social and emotional learning skills. These skills will further link cognitive neuroscience, positive psychology and mindful awareness with a primary focus on developing an Understanding of their Own Brain and The Power of their Own Thoughts. The main focus areas of the Program are to:

  • Identification and engagement with emotions
  • Strategies to cope with the varied human emotions                       
  • Manage responses and reactions
  • Improve focus, concentration and academic performance
  • Increase resiliency for success in school and in life.
  • Reduce stress , anxiety and aggressive behaviour
  • Handle peer-to-peer conflicts
  • Develop greater empathy and embody compassion
  • Choose optimism
  • Train the mind’s innate capability to be focused
  • Increase in observation skills and See with clarity
  • Cultivate creativity
  • Responsible Decision Making
  • Increase day to day capabilities by learning tools for internal calmness and honing of senses


“We teach kids about all their 5 senses why not about the brain….Helping kids learn about the their brain and the control that they can have on their thoughts & emotions is the best gift we can give our kids…It will make them feel In-charge of their Own Lives !

Program Design:

The workshop aims at teaching kids how to take charge of and improve their own learning process!

The Program is structured under the following age groups-

Group A: Ages 5 – 8

Group B: Ages 9 – 12

Group C: Ages 13 – 18

Group D: Ages 18 and above

Duration: 7-8 sessions

Just as we understand that there are innate capacities of our bodies that can be trained to make us more resilient, flexible and stronger, we now know from neuroscience research that there is universal training we can experience that can cultivate and strengthen our mind’s capacity to deal with all kinds of changes both internal and external. Mind Masters is our attempt to just do that!