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Adjustment 1

Adjustment Isn’t always easy

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions: Why can’t I adjust, it has been months since I moved here? What’s wrong with me? Why am I missing home so much? Why can’t I cope? I can’t even concentrate? At one point in your life, you must have thought: “Everyone goes through it and […]

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Anger Management 2

Why am I Angry?

HOW CAN I CONTROL MY ANGER? Try our Android app Quiet Moment- Anger Management & Thought Diary There is a strong anecdote around two Buddhist friars who met each other many years in the wake of being discharged from jail where they had been tormented. The first asks, “Have you excused our captors?” The second […]

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Assertiveness 2

Am I Being Assertive?

Try our Android app Quiet Moment- Anger Management & Thought Diary WHY CAN’T I SAY NO? Ever wondered the reason as to why you cannot say ‘no’ or cannot even state what you feel about a particular idea or situation.. Do you fear that people are going to feel angry towards you or feel hurt? […]

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Expecting too Much 2

Am I Expecting too much from life?

DOWNSIDE OF BEING AN OVERACHIEVER? It has to be done like this or what’s the point of doing it? Always looking for perfection? Everything has to be flawless? Constant worry to surpass your past self? Constant need to prove yourself to the world over and over again? Expecting too much out of your own self […]

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Happy Again 2

Socially Anxious

Why can’t I go and perform like others on the stage? Why can’t my brain shut up about how I will make a fool out of myself in front of others? Why can’t I relax?? It’s just a presentation? I badly need this job but there is a job interview, how will I manage? I […]

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Tech Mania 1

Dealing With the Tech-Savvy New Generation

There is no doubt that today we are living in an over-stimulated society. There is no doubt that the greater part of the new advances, led by the Internet, are molding the way we think in ways clear and unpretentious, reflective and unintended, and valuable and hindering. Keep this in mind, we don’t have the […]

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