Akademia Interventions

Children / Students are at the center of our focus at The Foundation and we feel passionately about the limitless potential of their brain; while seeing first-hand the positive impact of “thought centric” approach towards mind training interventions for students. Neuro-based positive psychology strategies are proven to help students increase self-regulation, build engagement through strength, improve relationships, assign meaning, scaffold accomplishment and most importantly reduce stress. Positive Mental Health Education in the educational environments enables the learner to engage better in established curricula. In addition, knowledge and skills to develop their own and others’ well-being allow youth to flourish, lead purposeful lives and contribute to society as virtuous citizens.
Schools are now seen as institutions whose role extends beyond academic competence in preparing the whole child and Positive Education (or applied Positive Psychology in education) can inform and affect all levels of education including students, teachers, staff, parents, the whole school, and the community. It can also play a crucial preventative role in reducing depression, anxiety, body-image issues, social-media strain and stress within the school environment.
Towards this end our team of psychologists and experts in educational and organisational theory, research and practice can assist your school with:

  • Design and delivery of a small, medium or large whole-school Positive Education programs.
  • Mindfulness Based Programs for Students.
  • Consultancy on implementing/embedding Positive Education
  • Teacher Training in Positive Education & Mindful Teaching
  • Positive Mental Health Awareness programs/drives and workshops for staff , students & parents
  • Executive Coaching and Positive Leadership Development for Principals, Senior Leadership Team and Teachers
  • Teacher as Coach Workshops, Training and Supervision
  • Individual Student Coaching & Assessments for Academic and Personal Development
  • Presentations to students on core constructs of Positive Psychology, e.g Stress Management. Accomplishment,
  • Resilience, Happiness, Meaning/Purpose, Mindfulness (focused attention), Positive Relationships, etc.
  • Conscious (Mindful) Parenting workshops